Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12, a water-soluble vitamin, when injected into the muscle, passes quickly and easily into the blood stream. It aids the formation of red blood cells, vital for carrying oxygenated blood around the body.

In the elderly the ability to absorb enough Vit B12 decreases. It is helpful to mothers and babies in pregnancy, and at breast-feeding. It helps people taking medicines to inhibit the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. There are no contra-indications apart from kidney failure.

Monthly shots do not require any testing.

  • what is a vitamin b12 shot?

    Vitamin B12 is an integral vitamin, having a booster shot can not only help you sleep better and drift off faster but it can also help to lift your mood and give you more energy.

  • how does it work?

    B12 is used in many factors within the body;

    • DNA synthesis – this is the formation of cells, blood and mucus membranes.
    • Detoxification – this is the breaking down of certain substances in the body.
    • Energy – this speaks for itself, B12 is vital in the physical feeling of energy.
    • Messengers – B12 helps hormones and transmitters function, it is also vital in brain function particularly cognitive memory.
    • Mood – B12 has been known to help lift moods and help with depression, although it is not medical grade and medications must NOT be stopped without consulting your G.P.
  • what are the benefits?

    B12 sounds too good to be true, we agree, but here at Glow Aesthetics & Beauty we have all given it a shot, pardon the pun, and are definitely reaping the benefits.

    • Increased energy levels
    • Hair growth
    • Cell synthesis
    • Weight loss
    • Increased metabolism
    • Easier to drift into sleep
    • Better quality of sleep
    • Improved cognitive memory
  • how often will I need it?

    B12 can be administered once a week for 4 weeks then once a month thereafter.

    Or you can have a shot once a month.

  • how much will it cost me?

    £35 per shot


    £80 for a course of 4 treatments