Terms and Conditions


To book your appointment: you can call the salon on 01788540479, the quickest way to get your booking completed is online at https://www.fresha.com/glow-aesthetics-qt1q4pmc/booking?menu=true

Click on the link and you’ll have access to all services, dates and times available, just proceed and make your booking. Your booking will only be confirmed when you receive notification from us confirming your appointment.


We at Glow Aesthetics & Beauty will be ready for your appointment on time, so please try to not come late. If you are running behind, contact us as soon as possible.

The maximum time that we can allow for the wait is 15 minutes, after that it will be up to the salon manager to check the circumstances and decide if we’re going to be able to attend to you or not.

You have the right to cancel or reschedule your appointment, however, it must be done no less than 24hours in advance to the time of your treatment.

Persistent rescheduling may incur an admin fee (£10). Cancelling within the period of 24hrs, the appointment may be liable for cancellation charges.


Body Treatments.

All body treatments require a consultation, make sure that you speak to our therapist regarding any special needs or medical condition. Body treatments normally require a minimum of 10 sessions. Certain treatments may need a medical certificate prior to treatment taking place. Your therapist will advise you at the time of the consultation.


Facial treatments require a consultation prior to treatment, your therapist will analyse your skin and advise of the best treatment to obtain the maximum results.


Nail treatments will be carried out in accordance with health and safety procedures, our technicians are fully qualified to carry out the latest treatments on the market.

There is no guarantee period for nail extensions, however, we do guarantee that should your extensions come off within 3 days after the treatment, we’ll replace this free of charge.

Provided you treat your new nails as instructed by your therapist and do not handle any chemicals or manual handling. Our nail technician will be happy to give any information to help you keep your nail extensions looking their best and to maintain the healthy natural nails.

Dermal fillers, Derma rollers & Botox

You will be required to have a full consultation with our aesthetician, results will depend upon your requirements and will vary person to person.


All waxing services are provided with disposable products, please advise your therapist if you require any special needs or requests.

Your therapist will conduct a check of your hair and skin type prior to the treatment and advise you of the best procedure.


All treatments are required to be paid for either prior the commencement of the treatment or immediately after. Should this not be possible, the next preferred option is direct bank transfer. On extremely rare occasions, an invoice can be provided which must be cleared within 7 days. After which, interest may be charged.


Vouchers can be purchased and must be paid for up front. Can only be redeemed once using the code supplied. Vouchers must be used within 6 months with no exceptions. Previous vouchers issued by Urban Beauty, Groupon or any other High Street vouchers will no longer be accepted.

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